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Read carefully until the end:

Invest in your brand, and count on CW to put together a unique and exclusive project for your company!

How will the project be done?

After your purchase, we will send our CONTRACT and also the QUESTIONNAIRE (briefing) in your registered email when you purchase, so you can send all the information for our creation

What is the deadline?

After the questionnaire answered by the customer AND SENT BY E-MAIL

the deadline is 10 WORKING days

(we do not count Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

Not included:

The creation or printing of ANY graphic and digital material, such as a business card, e-mail signature, prescriptions, etc. These services are separate values that must be consulted on the website.

Registration of the trademark or patent is the responsibility of the customer.


Monday to Friday

08:00 to 12:00 - 13:30 to 18:30

Did you have any questions? send us an E-mail

Black Package - Visual Identity

  • When your project is finalized it will be delivered in the following formats:

    PNG without background

    Presentation of the complete project: PDF and EPS (editable file)


    1 (One) Main Logo: The image you will use in all your graphic materials

    1 (One) Secondary Logo: Reduction of the main logo in a more objective way for smaller applications.

    1 (One) Submark: (Circular logo) Reduction of the main logo for smaller applications or confection of adhesives, stamps and etc.

    5 (Five) Watermarks: for use in photos and projects

    Concept of the brand and inspirational panel: A brand is the way that a product or company finds itself or identifies itself in the market. We will describe everything your brand has to say and offer to your audience.

    3 (Three) color variations: It is the main and secondary logo in a different color. (does not change the structure, only the color)

    Typography: Name of the fonts used to create your visual identity

    Color palette: It is the color code that we use in the creation of your Visual Identity

    2 (Two) Pattern : Pattern of shapes creating an exclusive print for the brand, being also present in all graphic and digital materials.

    4 (Four) Mockups: Digital presentation of your logo on a product, such as business card, glass, tag, etc. (JPG only)

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